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Let’s explore elevating wedding trends with personalized touches in 2024 & 2025 at The Monroe on 415th, a modern event space with endless design possibilities. Getting to see each couple’s unique personalized touches shine through the event is one of our favorite things. As the world evolves, so do wedding trends. With each passing year, new styles, themes, and ideas emerge, reflecting the dynamic nature of love and celebration. We love to see a mix of timeless and trendy aspects at each wedding! We have seen plenty of wedding trends throughout the years, so here are our current favorite wedding trends for 2024 & 2025 brides! 

trendy vintage wedding cake being cut by bride and groom
happy wedding couple cutting trendy cake

Bows have been trending a while now, but they remain one of our favorite design choices for weddings! Bows add a simple but effective touch to stationary, tablescapes, wedding cakes, attire, and so much more! They bring a classic elegance and a cute personalized touch to elevate events! Our favorite place to see bows is on dinner menus, glassware, and of course the bride’s dress! 

wedding tablescape featuring personalized bow on dinner menu
bow on white wedding cake, pretty wedding trends

One of our all time favorites are the champagne towers! We love the interactive and fun photo opportunity, and of course the champagne! Weddings are meant to be a celebration and there’s no better way to kick off a fun night of mingling and dancing than with a huge champagne tower filled by the newlyweds! We loved this trend so much that we decided to feature champagne towers as an add on to our wedding packages! We have everything our couples need to pour the perfect glass and get the best photos. What a great personalized touch to your 2024 wedding!

bride and groom enjoy champagne toast
wedding couple on personalized wedding day

Content creators are also a hot trend right now and we absolutely love them! We love to see all the behind the scenes content and the sweet small moments that happen on wedding day. Our long time friend – Abigail with Cooks Bridal says, “My favorite part of being a wedding content creator is being able to capture all the in-between moments that convey the beauty and emotion of the couples wedding day!” If you’re on the fence about hiring a content creator, this is your sign to do it!

bride and groom enjoying their trendy 2024 wedding

Another big trend we are seeing are custom and interactive seating charts! Having seating charts at weddings is a great way to make it quick and easy for your guests to know where to go once the reception starts! It is also a great way to showcase your wedding colors, overall theme, and even your personality as a couple! Becca and Caleb used bud vases with their guests name and table assignment which was a perfect addition to their colorful summer wedding!

custom personalized seating chart
interactive seating chart display at wedding

Personalization remains a dominant trend in 2024 weddings, with couples customizing their celebrations with unique touches that reflect their personalities and love story. Whether it’s custom stationary adorned with bows, stunning champagne towers, or curated seating charts, these personalized elements add depth and meaning to the wedding experience, leaving a lasting impression on guests.

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Elevating Wedding Trends

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