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Did you know you can do bridal portraits at The Monroe on 415th? We’d love to host you as you show off your bridal glow, and there’s so many benefits to doing bridal portraits as a stand alone experience. Here’s a little more on the subject of Bridal Portraits: Living for the Bridal Glow!

Your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye, so anything you can do to make every moment last a little longer is absolutely something you should take advantage of! One way you can make the most out of not only your wedding day, but also your bridal experience is to schedule bridal portraits.

As you plan those hair and makeup trial runs, go ahead and schedule a photoshoot, too! I mean, why waste all that glam, right?! The day you get your hair and makeup trial is the perfect opportunity to schedule bridal portraits. This will give you a chance to take the time you deserve to appreciate all that goes into your bridal look without eating into your wedding day timeline.

And we can’t forget to mention spending a little extra time in that dress. While you’ll love spending every second in that beautiful gown on your wedding day, you’ll appreciate the extra time you get to spend wearing that gorgeous thing when you do bridal portraits. That “yes to the dress” moment is extra special, but the way you feel when you’re all dolled up, is even better. Show off that unforgettable bridal glow!

So book a tour with us! Plan your dream wedding at The Monroe on 415th and take advantage of other memory making moments along the way! 

Bridal Portraits: Living for the Bridal Glow

Photography: Emily Higdon Photography

Bride: Hannah Brown

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Bridal Portraits: Living for the Bridal Glow

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