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Achieving your wedding day goals start right here at The Monroe on 415th Wedding Venue. With our modern architecture and timeless style, our space can transform into whatever your wedding dreams are made of! Check out what’s on-Trend at The Monroe on 415th now.

Today’s wedding inspiration is giving us all the trendy vibes! The thing about weddings is that they will always be a classic celebration, so you can appeal to the trends without losing that timeless experience. The perfect mix of classic meets trendy is this bride’s style. Her satin, fitted dress brings a traditional feel while her glam and the overall venue setting brings the modern touch. Not to mention, juxtapose the style of this bride next to her groom and it makes for a perfect black and white set. And those florals are all the rage! A muted color scheme that brings out the natural wood accents in the venue makes everything come together.

Now, let’s have some fun! It’s not just how you decorate our space that will bring your wedding dreams to life, but it’s also how you live each moment of your special day! Ready for the obligatory reception speeches? Let’s take champagne toast to the next level with a champagne tower. This bride and groom did the honors of pouring the bubbly in honor of their nuptials, and now they are ready to toast to their happily ever after.

We also can’t pass up a good photo op and these wooden arches and neon sign are the perfect trendy setup to keep your guests entertained and striking poses all night long! 

Don’t underestimate the cake cutting moment. Everyone is looking forward to the sweet treat to top off the celebration, but this isn’t your grandmother’s cake cutting experience! With a small cake for the bride and groom and a pre-cut sheet cake or cupcakes for the guests, no one is kept waiting. Dip those glasses and avoid the formal “cut” to keep the party moving!

At the end of the day, it’s all about walking into forever with your best friend. No matter how you choose to decorate or accessorize, make sure you’ll look back on it as the perfect start to your happily ever after! Will you be using anything features on-trend at The Monroe on 415th in the plans for your special day?

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