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The team here at The Monroe on 415th wants to give you all the tips and tricks you need when you get started on you wedding planning journey. Today, we’re starting with wedding venue considerations: everything you need to know!

1.Budget and location

There’s a lot to consider when choosing where you’d like to get married. Even though this is your big day, you don’t want to make your guests jump through hoops to get there! Think about things like:

  • How close is the venue to the nearest airports?
  • Are there hotels or other rentals near by?
  • Is the site accessible for people with disabilities?
  • What’s the parking situation?

Although keeping things easy on your guests is ideal, there’s no reason you can’t have an out-of-the-way destination wedding or adventure venue! Just go the extra mile in providing super-detailed travel information on your wedding website and invitation inserts.

What about the wedding budget? Most couples end up spending the largest chunk of it on their venue.

The tricky thing is, venue pricing isn’t exactly clear and simple. Sure, there’s the venue rental fee, but facilities may also hit you up for tables, chairs, linens, dinnerware, drinkware, parking, insurance, catering, corkage, cake cutting, additional hours, etc. 

Talk to the venue about the big picture! Bring your questions to ask your wedding venue along with you on your site visits to find out exactly what is—and isn’t—included. 

2.Overall Vibe and aesthetic

Do you know what kind of wedding you want? Will it be formal or casual? Indoors or outdoors? Ultra modern or boho? Will it be held at night or during the day? Kids welcome or adults-only?

By identifying your wedding style before you start looking for a venue, you can really narrow down your search. And finding a venue that perfectly sets the stage for your wedding style helps all the other details naturally fit into place.


On either end of the wedding venue spectrum are these two extremes: Blank Slate vs All-Inclusive.

A blank-slate wedding venue is basically an empty room or outdoor space where you need to build your wedding “from scratch” by bringing everything in yourself. Depending on the venue, this can include the whole shebang: from the tables, chairs, linens, and flatware to the sound system.

All-inclusive venues cover multiple services and/or rentals in one package price—perfect for couples who want to hit the “easy button” and save on time and money. 

Deciding where you fall on the wedding venue spectrum comes down to your vision and budget, as well as how much time and energy you’re willing to spend on your wedding. Each venue is different, so get a clear picture of exactly what’s included with each location, and what extras you’ll have to supply to achieve your desired result.

The more inclusive the better! It may seem more cost efficient to DIY- it, but it can add up quickly!

To sum up our wedding venue considerations: everything you need to know, at the end of the day, you want to pick a place that feels right. You should get excited and anticipate every step of the wedding in your wedding planning process. It should feel magical! Find a venue that is inclusive with decor, tableware, etc. (like us!) and find an amazing wedding planner! 

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Wedding Venue Considerations: Everything you need to know!

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